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rescued and that none are injured. but, again, the concern now will be whakind of damage to the environment will this fire do and what does that sheen portend? is it a forerunner of things to come, an oil leak or just something that happened because of this fire. >> and we do know that the 13 people that are on board that rig are all okay. let's shift to the story you have been covering extensively now, the deepwater horizon well, what is going on with that as they take that sealed cap off to get to the preventer? >> what they're trying to do, this is all in preparation for what will be the final kill of this well, the bottom kill and it will be done for the relief well. today what they have done out at the rig is the discover enterprise has moved over the leak site, it is going to pull-up the capping stack and that is the cap that actually
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stopped all the oil from flowing into the gulf. they will pull that off and then another rig call the q-4000 will then latch on the damaged blowout preventer and it will lift that blowout preventer a mile up through the water. it is a very big job because that blowout preventer weigh 1 million pounds. once that's done, a new blowout preventer will be put on so that when they have to drill, no oil explodes up the top of the well and that blowout preventer is there to act as the emergency brake to stop any oil from flowing. once they get that on, they hope to intercept the well, and they hope to do that sometime next week. so the big news today out at that leak site is that they are making preparations and work is
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underway to take off that capping stack. thomas? >> anne thompson in venice, louisiana. we shift gears to talk about earl from north carolina's outer banks to new england, the east coast is bracing itself to the effects of hurricane earl. we bring you complete coverage of the storm and it's potential impact on the east coast. nbc news meteorologist bill karins is tracking that storm, the weather channel's stephanie abrams live on north carolina's outer banks. now we have got this latest information about how strong this storm is and it's just been downgraded, right? >> category 4, one of the strongest storms we have seen ever, moving up the coastline, now it has weakened thankfully and we got a long ways to go. winds are now at 125 miles an hour. so at least we're slowly heading in the right direction. you can look at the radar, it's
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starting to fill in where stephanie's located. the real heavy bands of rain are going to wait until about 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. and as we go p the coastline, the tropical storm force winds are now just off of cape carter, that's the southern most point there just to the south of the cape. and there's also the wilmington area. the hurricane force winds are near the center of the storm. but they do extend, big waves for many miles. the eye of the storm is disappearing on us. we could be undergoing an eyewall replacement cycle and that may not have time to fully wind back up. now the waves are probably the biggest story with this storm. the beach erosion is going to be incredible. we have 14-foot waves off of hatteras, 13-foot waves off of wilmington. the wave action is going to be incredible going all the way up
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the east coast to cape cod during the day tomorrow. hurricane warnings cape cod, hurricane warnings from virginia beach southward to just outside of jacksonville, north carolina near camp lejeune. as far as our commuter models go, everything is taking it offshore at this point. the only close call is out there at nantucket, martha's vineyard, chatam. it should be a category 3 and then a category 2 by the time it's south of new england, weakening to a category 1 as it impacts either down east maine, they're probably going to get hit good saturday morning. the tropical storm force winds, the worst where stephanie is located, and then as everyone drives to work tomorrow, delaware and coastal new jersey and then we take that wind field up into virginia on friday evening.
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the worst of it is out to sea, but it's still going to put on quite a show in the outer banks and there in cape cod. >> and as you say, 125-mile-per-hour winds is nothing to take lightly. >> there will be damage done from this storm. >> earl's impact expected in north carolina late tonight as we're hearing from bill. thousands are evacuating from the coast, forced to forego their weekend plans as we head into the holiday weekend. >> reporter: as we have seen the clouds increase here and i'm actually starting to feel a few spits of rain but people are trying to evacuate. on my twitter, stephanie abrams, there's actually a major traffic jam, a major stand still on highway 12. this was taken yesterday, you see that water coming over highway 12, guess what? it hasn't even rained here, they just get washover on highway 12, that slows things down. we have a mandatory evacuation for visitors here in dare
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county, there's one shelter open in bethel, north carolina, schools are shut down and people are ready for it. i think they woke up today and they looked at that satellite and they decided to pack up and get out. >> stephanie, as we were hearing from bill tonight is when north carolinians need to be paying attention for the storm to come closest. >> it is tonight and it does look like around midnight, that's when the national weather service is calling for, about midnight is when the wind could be gusting to 60, 70 miles an hour. but the silver lining is it's kind of dry along the east coast, i'm trying to find a good note to this thing. the rainfall will be useful. i like to be positive. >> stephanie, thanks so much. now we head north to where people are still prepping for earl, am track canceled trains along the virginia coast and in maryland a hurricane watch as
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many many vacationsers alter their plans. julie martin is live for us in ocean city, maryland to fill us in on what we're seeing there. and are we seeing the winds pick up, julie? >> reporter: it's not so much the winds, thomas, but it is certainly the surf. i want to take you out into the atlantic and show you what i'm talking about. we have seen this wave height significantly increase within the past hour, the life guards have pulled all but the most experienced boogie boards and surfers out of the ocean. people who have tried to swim in this said there's a very strong undertoe, one gentleman was telling me it pulled him about a city block as he got in parallel to the coast. so the rip current thet is going to be very high. i want to take you to our neighbors in virginia and also show you what's happening there, more of the same, a state of emergency in both virginia and maryland as a result of hurricane earl, however no
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evacuations ordered by either of the state's governors. citizens say now is the time to prepare and they are right about that. >> we have a generator. and -- we have two cats, and so if it's coming toward us and we're going to be evacuated, we'll go to a friend's house and ride it out there. >> making sure she looks up the emergency kit, hurricane kit preparedness and make sure all of those things are ready to go. >> reporter: and more is happening here in ocean city, maryland this. area is being basically -- the governor saying stay away from this area on saturday, don't travel if you don't have to. we're going to be seeing tropical storm force winds here as well and possibly some flooding and some very high surf. high tide thomas by the way is in about an hour, so we aren't
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even seeing the worst of it yet, so the next high tide is going to be hitting right at about 3:00 in the morning and that's when earl is expected to be approaching ocean city, maryland. >> i know they're saying don't come, but it's the holiday weekend. i used to vacation at ocean city as a kid and i have a lot of friends who are going to be going down this weekend regardless, i think. >> reporter: the good news is that this is such a fast moving storm that by friday night it's going to be out of here, and it's going to be a beautiful weekend here in ocean city. the words of caution are don't try to drive through the storm to get here on friday, just wait it out, and then go ahead with your weekend plans, there's no reason not to. >> you don't want to get stuck on the bay bridge, that's the name of the game. at this hour, some airlines are making some big changes as the holiday weekend approaches and hurricane earl pushes up the east coast.
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be sure to call as soon as you can because some resfrtrictions may apply. boaters in massachusetts are pulling their boats on to dry land in anticipation of rough seas and the red cross is on alert. let's go to long island and see how folks are getting ready for hurricane earl. today we are learning chilling new details about the gunmen who took -- officials in montgomery county, maryland says that james lee was carrying two explosive devoices and at least one of the devices was determined to be functional. the gunman also spoke to nbc news on the phone during part of the standoff. >> no one has been shot. >> do you have a gun? >> i have a gun and i have a bomb. i have several bombs strapped to my body, ready to go off. i have a device that if i drop it, if i drop it, i'll [ bleep ] explode.
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>> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is live in washington, d.c., what other details have you learned about this man? >> the police say they acted when they thought the hostages were in danger. they say when james lee went into the headquarters yesterday, he did not intend to leave there alive. he told the police negotiators that he was prepared to die and at one point about the three hostages that he was holding, quote, i don't care about these people. so when the police saw the hostages start to move away and heard what they thought was a pop, that's when they fired the shot that killed james lee. it turns out that he did have two pistols, but they were starter pistols like starters used to start a race, they make a noise, but they could not have harmed anyone, but police have no way of knowing that at the time and he did say he had guns. it was about 25 minutes after he entered the discovery
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headquarters that one of our nbc news producers there in the room where you are, called the discovery channel main number and ended up talking to lee himself. here's a little more of what they talked about. >> working on this particular bomb? >> three weeks around, three weeks or a month. >> three weeks? >> i did a lot of research. i had to confirm it. >> and how many bombs again do you have? >> i have several. i did some welding, i was a welder, parts, i did some parts. >> did that help prepare you for what you're doing today? >> yeah, everything one does in life prepares you to what you're going to do, right. >> now while this conversation was going on, it lasted about ten minutes, nbc news notified the montgomery county authorities that he had actually ended up talking to us. we didn't reach out specifically to him, we were just trying to find out what was going on in the building. we told the authorities what we
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were doing, we notified them of what he said that he had the bombs and he had a gun and they were kept fully informed of their conversation and then nbc news decided not to disclose the contents of the conversation or play any of that recording until the hostage crisis was over, thomas. >> pete williams, nbc for us, and pete, you were great yesterday on the forefront of the store and we appreciate the new information today. the justice department is suing arizona sheriff joe arpaio, arpaio is the sheriff of maricopa county as you recall, he has made national headlines on his get tough immigration policies. the justice department says that arpaio failed to handle the records in a civil rights investigation. those documents were first requested 15 months ago. a bracelet ban, why schools across the country are saying no to one type of cancer awareness bracelet? then caught on camera.
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a motorcycle collides with a pick-up truck, the rider goes flying, he gets up, we're going to show you more and have his story. and later an update on those miners who are still trapped underground in chile, what they're asking for and what they're being denied. we have got that straight ahead. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes, you struggle to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help. ask your doctor about onglyza, a once daily medicine used with diet and exercise to control high blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. adding onglyza to your current oral medicine may help reduce after meal blood sugar spikes and may help reduce high morning blood sugar. [ male announcer ] onglyza should not be used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis. tell your doctor if you have a history
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welcome back, everybody, now to a story that's gaining national attention. a south dakota high school is banning some cancer awareness bracelets. you're probably familiar with the yellow "live strong" bands that were made popular by lance armstrong. they inspired plenty of imitations there. there's one called i heart bobbies. some people reportedly find the message to be in poor taste.
2:18 pm
nationally syndicated radio talk show host michael smerconish is an nbc contributor. he joins us now, so what side of the bobbie debate are you on? >> i'm for bobbies too, come on, you set me up, what else am i going to say? >> do you think the school has a right to ban this? >> they have a right to ban it, because if they don't, somebody's offended and they're going to say you're not enforcing some kind of a standard of decency, school is back in session, we left off last semester with a controversy in california where on cinco de mayo day, you may recall that there were some students wearing american flags on their shirt and they were sent home. this is five state nice where this has become a controversy. if they had largely ignored it,
2:19 pm
a good cause would have been promoted. students would have tired of wearing those bracelets. now they have exacerbated it by asking them to turn it inside out. if it didn't say i love bobbies, they probably wouldn't be wearing them. >> with the live strong bracelet, that's a simple message, this is pretty big messaging, don't you think, on these bracelets. there's the live strong bracelet, there is a the i hart bobbies message. >> there are t-shirts that go with these as well. and i won't say what they say on the t-shirt. >> go ahead. >> they say save the tatas. it's the same kind of a controversy, and when i discuss this on the air i'm overwhelmed with callers who are female who
2:20 pm
say the issue is so darned important that if this gets the message out, then you've got to do it. me, i'm a guy, if there's a campaign for testicular cancer, you know what they'll then say? >> my producers say don't say a thing, thomas. don't say a word. let me hear from some of these kids that are actually living through this ban. >> there's people who wear it for the awareness and there's also people that wear it just because it says bobbies. >> most of us like to have it as a joke, oh, hey this is awesome it has bobbies on it. >> you're right, the kids are just wearing it for the appeal. >> so here we are talking about it, so for the people that put it together, we're raising awareness about it. >> we have done a good thing today. >> we have done a good thing and i will e-mail you my suggestion on the other thing you brought up. so morale boost for chile's trapped miners. they got their first hot meal in
2:21 pm
weeks. but a few other requests that they are making are going to have to wait, actually some are being denied. we'll tell you about it next right here on msnbc. stewart angst booth was a hot ticket at this year's comic con. his booth offers hard to find sketchbooks and illustrations. he's creating a niche market and it's paying off. for more your business, watch at 7:30 on sunday mornings on msnbc. in some of nature's best ingredients. that's how we created purina one with smartblend. nutritionally optimized with real salmon, wholesome grains and essential antioxidants, for strong muscles, vital energy, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your cat.
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retailers are reporting surprisingly solid games for the month of august and this is despite a slow good august and back to school buying. merchants are still worried about the upcoming holiday season. the number of people requesting unemployment benefits is down for the second straight week. experts say this suggests the slowing economy is not prompting employers to cut jobs. and in housing news, the number of buyers occupying previously occupied homes is 5%. the demand for housing is still
2:25 pm
pretty weak. those 33 trapped miners in chile are finally getting some of the comforts that we all take for granted. things like a hot meal and bottled water. but they do have to give up tobacco and alcohol at least for a couple of weeks. nasa and the experts in chile have banned those two substances. >> reporter: good afternoon here at the san jose mine, the rescue efforts continue. if we can take a look at the drilling site right now. those efforts were halted last night after engineers found a small salt which had to be cemented to make the rescue chimney safer. now they're back drilling and they're on schedule. regarding the miners, the miners are doing very well. last night they got their first hot meal of rice, chicken and meatballs, kiwi for dessert. no cigarettes for now, they're getting nicotine patches and we
2:26 pm
understand that the minister of health said this morning that the miners might get a sip of wine to celebrate chilean independence day in two weeks. now the families here, they're still camping, they're still waiting, they find very, very cold temperatures but of course they're very hopeful that their relatives will be out safe. they're going to have to wait for that three or four months. we go back to you. >> angie sandoval there in chile. next we're going to tell you about a small town newspaper making business news for its content. an iowa football player takes a hit but not on the field. this is msnbc. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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welcome back too msnbc and our coverage of hurricane earl. the storm has been downgraded to a category 3. the storm is expected to batter north carolina's coast tonight. to new jersey, the surf in cape may getting rougher by the hour. the camera, though, as you can all tell, the camera a bit calmer. north carolina residents most likely the first to feel the impact of hurricane earl. here's pat o'donnell who's on the phone for us. i'm excited for him because jody is my cousin. what are your listeners saying down there and what are you telling your listeners about all the rules and evacuations that are taking place? >> i think the listeners and everything down here is pretty much calm. the most excitable people are the people down here from other places covering the storm. >> that's right, i got to tell you looking at your facebook
2:31 pm
here, you're taking a dig at me and my people up there in new york, saying we're responding too much to this. >> the thing i think is that i mean people down here, they know what they're doing when it comes to a storm. of course a lot of times when you watch the national coverage, they make it sound like we're the hurricane capital of the world, which we're not. but enough of this weather stuff does come our way where we know what to do. i guess a lot of people are saying, those people from out of town are telling us what to do and we can handle this. it's a bit of a situation i suppose. >> i think it's route 12 that's getting backed up and there's also some standing water and it's dry down there. >> most of the traffic backup right now is on the current tuck outer banks, because the evacuation order was given for visitors, aka tourists, to the current tuck outer banks to leave that area.
2:32 pm
so they're all leaving the corolla area. but they're leaving that area and it has come to about a pretty much dead stand still and then they got to go through duck anding southern shores on their way out to highway 158. so that area's where the most heavy concentration of traffic is. as far as leaving hatteras on nc 12 where they will get some water, that road gets water on it fairly frequently, even for not so spectacular weather events. so not so much traffic coming out of that spot at this moment. >> also i hope everybody notices that subtle little dig that you just gave us about corolla/corolla. when with talk about the fact that this is a category 3 storm, 145-mile-per-hour winds, you have to agree with me, it's pretty severe if it comes raging to the shore at that rate, at 125-mile-per-hour wind speed, no
2:33 pm
matter how many you live through. >> right. and when i talk to people who are down in ocrocoke and hatteras which is the area they're expecting to have the strongest effect of the storm, even if it does just brush by the coast, they can get some hurricane strength winds there. they say about 70% have evacuated and the typical scenario is it seems like the wives and the kids will leave if they have young kids, they'll leave and go somewhere else, and, like, the husband will stay in the area. and one of the things that you got to factor in on any kind of evacuation is that it's not just the leaving part, but when you're talking about hatteras and you're talking about ocrocoke, getting back can be a bit of a tricky thing, due to whatever the situation is with the road or the re-entry procedure. that goes into everyone's brain when you got to roll out of town, people go i remember last time, it took us like three days and it was crazy, it's not people just being cavalier and
2:34 pm
blase, they factor these things in. >> what's your plan and are you going to be on the air live through this whole thing? >> we'll probably go on this evening, we have some contacts so we can talk to folks in ocrocoke and hatteras. actually my more immediate plans, i'm on the current tuck main land where i live, and my family and i, we're going to go to the swimming pool, because we don't have any wind right now or rain, so i figured a little easing of the tensions and play in the pool and do a couple of laps. >> typical o'donnell emergency factor there. jody o'donnell, my cousin. >> i thought if my last name was o'donnell, i could get on msnbc. as we have been telling you all this afternoon, earl's wind and rain could create a really soggy weekend for residents up and down the east coast. especially in cape cod, people
2:35 pm
are advised to evacuate. >> martha's vineyard and nantucket, some of the public beaches have already been closed. a lot of people still showing up on this day before that storm is expected to show up. right now, projections show that nantucket could get hit the hardest, but certainly all of cape cod and a lot of coastal massachusetts is within that troubled area of heavy winds, rain and some damage that could occur should that storm even just skirt the coast here, and a lot of people have decided to ride this storm out and many of them are just deciding whether or not to stay or whether to hunker down and ride the storm. >> like a little excitement, so, you know, if we get some wind and it's kind of loud and
2:36 pm
interesting, we'll stay around. >> you always have to be concerned with mother nature, you never know. >> reporter: and a lot of people are getting more concerned as this storm gets closer and they're waiting to see also in north carolina where earl will turn and certainly they're taking preparations, taking as many precautions, preparing as much as they can, preparing to move out of danger's way, out of harm's way into safety areas. people are trying to get the supplies that they need and not take any sort of extra dangerous -- asking them not to take any extra steps and asking them to certainly pay attention and keep an eye on the storm. >> michelle franzen in a windier than anything chatham, massachusetts. if you are expected a social security check and you're in hurricane earl's path, you're
2:37 pm
going to get this check early. the postal service is trying to get a jump on places expected to be affected by the hurricane. if you live in the atlantic or the coastal areas, watch your mail for this, the check should be arriving today. where is earl at the moment? coming up at the top of the hour, we get the latest tracking results from the weather channel's hurricane expert. the former fbi agent who once believed that amanda knox was guilty now says she is innocent. the 22-year-old college student has spent nearly three years in an italian prison for the murder of her roommate. all evidence points to her being innocent. knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison. her case is scheduled for appeal coming up in the fall. just minutes ago, a one-on-one session between benjamin netanyahu and president abbas ended. they have spend the day at the
2:38 pm
state department trying to find common ground on middle east peace. clinton is overseeing these talks and stresses that now is time to strike an agreement. >> the core issues at the center of these negotiations, territories, security, jerusalem, refugees, settlements and others will get no easier if we wait. nor will they resolve themselves. >> now at the same time, white house press secretary robert gibbs says the obama administration knows how difficult striking a deal can be. >> this is something that has eluded generations, we're find,of that. >> richard wolfe, nbc news political analyst live for us at the white house. we're hearing that these talks have just wrapped up. but what's the big headline from today's meeting? >> reporter: the big headline is that they have started and strangely enough, the white house has tried these direct talks scenario for many decades now, normally they start off
2:39 pm
with a lot of optimism, what's striking here is how little optimism there is while moving ahead with a very big event. they're saying they're cautiously optimistic. this is a long journey, doing many things they haven't done, not just sitting down together, b but dealing with the final issues. extremely difficult, but it is a start nonetheless. >> but in the statements that were made earlier today, president obama saying that he's hopeful, but cautiously hopeful about this, what shall we read into that? >> we >> reporter: well, we should read into it that they're under no -- regularly without them and their own involvement has to be very continued. the big rap that the obama folks have on the bush official who is tried to do this is that they just let it slip and slide and they really weren't that
2:40 pm
actively engaged. this is going to require not just mitchell, secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama getting their hands dirty when they've got earning else to do, the economy, two wars, this is a tough challenge at a very tough time. >> but they are at the table. next smash and grab, a group of thieves go after an atm, it's all caught on camera. we're going to show you more about that. plus, bad and busted. it's a new local newspaper that's really taking off. but some people are pretty upset about it. you talk to these guys. they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside. a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.
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today's most popular movies are exposing children to smoking. although smoking onscreen has decreased over the years. more than half the movies rated pg-13 still contain tobacco imagery in 2009. the study looked at movies from 2001 to 2009. in north texas police are on the lookout for a group of thieves who crashed their way inside a store and stole an atm cash machine. a store closed for the night when a pick-up truck drives through the door. four men scramble inside, they drag the atm out, they leave behind the pick-up truck also stolen and they drive off with the atm in a van, also stolen. police found the van and the empty atm at a nearby park. the men used the van to slam the
2:45 pm
atm over against a tree. a tabloid that features mug shots of people who have recently been arrested, complete with their names as well as their charges. doug richards of nbc's atlanta affiliate wxia has the details. >> if bad and busted is not the most popular newspaper in the county, it may however have the most buzz. >> this newspaper appears to be successful. >> what's the draw? >> i imagine the draw probably is that a lot of people are nosey and want to know what their neighbors are doing. >> reporter: it's a very thin, 12 to 15-page newspaper with the names, addresses and photographs of people recently arrested. the publisher is an oconee county resident who wouldn't speak with us until --
2:46 pm
>> i think there's a certain amount of public humiliation. >> scott berry is a long-time sheriff of oconee county. he says for some suspects the newspaper is worse than the jail time. >> i have had people come into the lob by waving this in my fae and very upset about it. >> reporter: the newspaper uses public records and has a right to publish mug shots. >> i figure if they have the bad and busted out, why don't you put the bad and busted out for people who are in there for murder. why can't you put them in there for simple stuff. >> the publisher says there's no irony in his refusal to show his face while talking up a tabloid that features the faces of his
2:47 pm
neighbors. in a newspaper that he predicts will expand to small towns across georgia. in oconee county, doug richards. there you have it. so a head on jaw dropping motorcycle accident all caught on a police dash cam video. iowa's hawkeye football player was riding his motorcycle when a car hit him and sent him soars above the car. as you see here, as soon as he hits the ground, he's pretty stunned, takes a hard hit and fall there. he gets up, though. walks away. he was rushed to the hospital and his coach says he hopes his player is going to return pretty soon. he's got his hoodie on, but he doesn't have a helmet on. demi moore gets lots of attention for a new picture that she tweeted of herself. she tweeted it but then she deleted it. but we got it. we're going to show you. this is msnbc. [ female announcer ] stay once...
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welcome back, everybody, a 47-year-old act triz tweets a bikini clad photo of herself and it's stirring up a lot of attention. we're going to get the scoop from pop eater come's rob shooter. we have got demi moore tweeting a picture of herself in a bikini, by why? >> what happened is star magazine came out and on the cover of star, there's an accusation that her husband is cheating with a young, pretty blond girl. star magazi star -- ultimately the picture has been taken down and now ashton has hit his twitter up to say it's all lied, he has not cheated, he loves demi and they are a couple. >> don't they talk to each other
2:52 pm
all the time? >> nobody uses twitter as much as them. >> i saw in a restaurant in los angeles and they came in and they were on their blackberries the entire time. >> it's a little crazy, isn't it? >> sitting next to each other. >> they have been together for 15 years. the problem with twitter is once you put it out there, even if you delete it, it's out there. >> so we're saying why do this, but why not? >> some people would issue a statement saying they didn't cheat, this is lies, a picture speaks 1,000 words. >> very charlie's angels. so paris hilton is now banned? >> paris hilton has been banned from all the wynn resorts. they found cocaine in her purse, she's going to be charged for that and the wynn has a zero policy on drugs. this is where it gets a little tricky. there is a hilton in las vegas,
2:53 pm
the hilton has said that paris is allowed there whenever she wants, which now begs the question, the hilton hotel is making, what's the word, less strict on drugs than maybe the wynn? we're going to see a response from the hilton hotel. >> also to point out about wynn, by the boyfriend worked there. he's canned s. >> he was sort of like the club king of the wynn hotel and he was bringing in people like paris. so a lot of people go into the wynn, party in there. he has been fired. she will never step foot in a wynn hotel again. >> we're talking about "dancing with the stars," we're all waiting for who is going to be announced. but we're also waiting for who said no. >> each year "dancing with the stars" is trying to get bigger and bigger talent. so some of the celebrities that
2:54 pm
they could have got, we think they could have got who have said no, suzanne somers said no. sylvester stallone said no. these are people that the reason they're making news is i think we would assume that people like this might have said yes. >> condoleezza rice? >> condoleezza rice. >> the guy from faceback said no, i think that would have been a good one because i think that "dancing with the stars" really wanted to build up their social media. they need people that we're going to tune in for, that we're going to love. but sometimes somebody that's a little less famous might make a better contestant because they're willing to do things that angelina probably would never do on the dance floor. >> great to have you with us today. for everybody out there, there is a lot going on and here is just one of the things we thought you should know today. yesterday i got a chance to talk
2:55 pm
to astronauts on board the international space station and we also had a little bit of fun with those guys. >> i did a zero g flight off the coast of california and i know it's a minuscule part of what you guys are going through, but i got to experience the weightlessness. are you strapped in to something that's keeping y ining you stil? or how are you not floating away on us? oh, there they go. they are floating away on us. so i thought you guys were going to be hooked in, but obviously you're not. >> you mean my hair wasn't enough? >> the hair was completely enough. but i had to ask because they were standing so still, it was really kind of cool. that was one of the things we thought you should know, it was kind of fun. i appreciate you joining me, chris jansing is going to pick things up after this break, so
2:56 pm
stay with us. you are watching msnbc. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time... time to face the pollen that used to make me sneeze... my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. [ male announcer ] ever have morning pain slow you down? introducing bayer am, an extra strength pain reliever with alertness aid to fight fatigue. so get up and get goin'! with new bayer am. the morning pain reliever.
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hurricane earl on the move at this hour, getting closer to a dangerous brush with the outer banks of north carolina. after that, it will be steaming further up the east coast. we have got it covered for you, tracking this major hurricane moment by moment. this area is expected to feel the biggest impact from early. i'm norah o'donnell live from washington, d.c. where we're monitoring the movements of hurricane earl. hurricane earl is packing winds of 125 miles an hour. in north carolina, there's still some people on the beach, thousands of tourists have already fled the ocrocoke and hatteras islands. it could brush the north carolina coast tonight. look at that, and we have got this storm covered from all angles. let's start with th

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